Perfumes for space on a natural basis

Unique perfume scents for space

Let our fragrances seduce you. We created them with French perfumers in the city of Grasse and made them sophisticated, elegant and unique. We know we can't convey the scents to you, but we can try to conjure them up for you!

Surrender to them and you'll see how much love can fit in one glass bottle of our room fragrances.

Made in France. 200ml of perfume for space on a natural basis. The duration of the fragrance is at least 3 months.

Together with the most recognized perfumers from France, we dedicated our time and love to find the perfect combination of perfumes inspired by the ease of enjoying life.

We wanted to bring the philosophy of living into the space in just one simple bottle, which will conquer the environment and work its magic.

ENSŌ 200ml

Like the ENSO circle, whose meditative imagery frees the mind and allows the body to create, this fragrance will fill the room with an energy of calm, purity and elegance.

The fragrance carries silky, velvety, powdery notes, White Musk, Moss, Orchid and Anise.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking barefoot through the Japanese mossy forests, draped in a silk kimono, the silence around you is almost palpable, the air is fresh and a little cold, but the rays of the sun passing through the dense canopy warm your face and make you smile. Paint your Enso circle and enjoy the beauty of imperfection!

white musk, Ylang-Ylang, anise
white musk, orchid, vanilla
white musk, moss

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That wonderful Mediterranean, a paradise for all the senses. Our inspiration when creating this fragrance finds its refuge precisely on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.
If anyone knows how to enjoy life doing a niche, it's the Italians. We envy them the skill to which they surrender completely sincerely.
Dolce far niente has an energy in it that awakens the importance of the moment we live in, surrendering to the passing of time in which the only thing that matters is that we live now doing nothing, while we are absolutely relaxed, carefree and happy. The fragrance carries sweet notes of fruit, flowers and chocolate. At the first "smell", this perfume will take you to a warm night on the coast of Sicily. You will feel the taste of tangerines and plums, the smell of jasmine and blossoming oranges while you look almost dazed at the starry sky and think about the beauty of life.
Surrender to him and you will see how the energy in the room changes.

tangerine, orange blossom, resin
iris, plum, jasmine
patchouli, pralines, vanilla

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HYGGE 200 ml

A unique combination of fragrant notes inspired by the Danish art of living.
The Nordic art of creating intimacy and awakening a sense of tranquility, comfort and absence of stress is the main inspiration for the creation of the Hygge perfume note.
The fragrance carries sharp notes of pepper, resin and wood, combined with sweet notes of flowers and spices.
At first "smell" sharp and cold, but over time warm and gentle. If you close your eyes you will feel the crunch of snow under your feet,
opening the door of a warm home, the smell of the fireplace, the taste of wine, the laughter of friends gathered around the table.

Surrender to him and you will see how the energy in the room changes.


BEEBER, elemi (resin)

rose, jasmine, tonka bean

sandalwood, benzoin, cedar, amber, vanilla

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As the greatest inspiration , Love took us to seductive France where we put on rose colored glasses determined to see the beauty in every day; as we do when we first fall in love. This unique fragrance was created as an ode to the song La vie en rose, with the desire and hope that its energy will awaken love. Love for life and everyday things that we need to enjoy with our heart and follow its rhythm. The fragrance contains green notes of apple and cut grass, which is overwhelmed by the sweet smell of figs and dried fruit. At the first smell, you will be sitting in a small French bistro drinking your morning coffee and enjoying a freshly baked croissant au chocolat. You will walk the streets of Paris, looking at people passing by, watching them smile, while carrying a fragrant baguette and a bouquet of wild flowers. In a moment you will see the lights of the Eiffel Tower and while you look at the stars from the bridge and listen to the street musician playing French chansons, you will feel love and life in the style of La vie en rose .

Surrender to him and you will see how the energy in the room changes.


fig leaf, cut grass


dried fig, laurel, apple


fig tree, cedar, dried fruit

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natural base - 20% perfume concentrate - made in France

A handmade decorative ring made of natural concrete is a part of every perfume fragrance.

  • Made in France

    the city of Grasse, where Chanel no5 originates

  • Volume 200 ml

    up to 3 months duration

  • 20% perfume concentrate

    high quality

  • Natural base

    100% natural alcohol of vegetable origin, without color

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indulge yourself in our fragrances

You will see how the energy in the space changes. Relax, indulge yourself and enjoy a moment of peace and happiness.

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ENSŌ 200ml

Home fragrance ENSŌ 200mlHome fragrance ENSŌ 200ml


Home fragrance DOLCE FAR NIENTE 200mlHome fragrance DOLCE FAR NIENTE 200ml

HYGGE 200ml

Home fragrance HYGGE 200mlHome fragrance HYGGE 200ml

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