The story about us


Some gifts are remembered longer, smell better and leave a stronger impression.

The originator, first of all, of the philosophy of living, and then of the LIKE A THERAPY FRAGRANCE brand itself, is Marina Ognjenović. Recognizing the need to completely surrender to everyday moments that can cheer us up and make us feel more beautiful and better, she began her story by selflessly sharing this idea with everyone who wants to be a part of it.

Marina Ognejnovic

Fragrances are a significant part of this philosophy. They affect our mood and arouse emotions. We often associate some memories with smells and when we smell them, the memories come. Nice smells contribute to making us feel better, more beautiful, happier, calmer, more relaxed...

Following her dreams, Marina went in search of something bigger than the scent itself.

First, together with the most recognized perfumers from France, she devoted time and love in search of the perfect combination of fragrances inspired by the ease of living, positive energy and soothing atmosphere. This is exactly how the Like a therapy fragrance brand and its bespoke (unique) perfume sticks were born.

Wanting to enrich the range of products in which love, time and quality are woven, she continued to find collaborators in Serbia and create statement candles that at the same time complement the ambiance with their minimalist design, and create a pleasant and calming atmosphere with their fragrance.

At LIKE A THERAPY FRAGRANCE, we strongly desire to support natural well-being and strive to be environmentally conscious when creating our products. All our partners are carefully selected, taking into account their work ethic and business orientation towards sustainable production. In order to protect our planet today for future generations, our desire is to inspire all our users to continue using our packaging. Almost every part of our product can be recycled, but also used for new purposes.


Quality, well-being and sustainability will always be at the heart of the LIKE A THERAPY FRAGRANCE brand.

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