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Home fragrance DOLCE FAR NIENTE 200ml

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A unique perfume scent to refresh the air in the room.

Made in France, the city of Grasse.

TOP NOTES: tangerine, orange blossom, resin

MIDDLE NOTES: iris, plum, jasmine

BASE NOTES: patchouli, pralines, vanilla

That wonderful Mediterranean, a paradise for all the senses. Our inspiration when creating this fragrance finds its refuge precisely on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. If anyone knows how to enjoy life doing a niche, it's the Italians. We envy them the skill to which they surrender completely honestly. Dolce far niente has an energy in it that awakens the importance of the moment we live in, surrendering to the passing of time in which the only thing that matters is that we live now doing nothing, while we are absolutely relaxed, carefree and happy. The fragrance carries sweet notes of fruit, flowers and chocolate. At the first "smell", this perfume will take you to a warm night on the coast of Sicily. You will feel the taste of tangerines and plums, the smell of jasmine and blossoming oranges while you look almost dazed at the starry sky and think about the beauty of life. Surrender to him and you will see how the energy in the room changes.


• 100% made in France

• Volume: 200ml up to 3 months duration.

• Packaged in luxury boxes


• 20% high quality perfume concentrate

• 100% natural alcohol of vegetable origin, without color

• 8 sticks of 100% black rattan

• Handmade decorative ring made of 100% concrete


1. Remove the cover and if you want to add a touch of decor, replace it with a concrete ring; insert the sticks into the bottle.

2. Use a coaster or plate under the perfume bottle to prevent accidental drops of liquid from damaging the surface.

3 . Place your fragrance in a busy location in the space. This will encourage air circulation and allow the fragrance to move around the room.

4. To maintain the intensity of the fragrance, rotate the sticks every 3-6 days. Be careful not to spill the liquid.

5. Keep the fragrance bottle out of the reach of children and pets

6. Keep the fragrance bottle away from fire and do not burn the sticks.