Anastasia Privalova

Anastasia Privalova - perfume journalist and editor

We introduce our new collaborator who will share her experiences and knowledge in the fields of perfumery, art, and home decor with you

Anastasija Privalova serves as an journalist for, with her headquarters located in Belgrade. She boasts a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in the realm of olfactory exploration and the promotion of fragrant marvels.

 Throughout her journalistic career, Anastasija has ardently shared her profound passion for perfumes and her extensive knowledge of the subject with readers through her blog, "Eau de Moi."

Over the past four years, Anastasija has assumed the role of a publishing editor for Russian digital magazines dedicated to the world of perfumery, such as

 Anastasija's dedication to the fragrance world is unwavering, and her expertise is instrumental in numerous perfume launch endeavors. Her responsibilities encompass the creation of precise briefs for perfumers and the development of highly effective marketing strategies. She holds a particular appreciation for unconventional scents and local artisanal brands that she uncovers during her travels. In addition to her fervor for perfumery, Anastasija nurtures interests in mobile photography, fashion, street style, cinema, art history, and urbanism.

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