Like a therapy fragrance

Why am I enamored with Like a Therapy home fragrance scents?

Because they are undeniably top-tier fragrances designed to transform your living space into a true haven of tranquility.

In their current portfolio, they offer four exceptional scents, each crafted to cater to different emotions and moments: from those times when you crave comfort, to moments of romantic ambiance, and even those when you long to experience Italian hedonism.

Each bottle is meticulously designed, and unwrapping it becomes a truly sensory ritual. The minimalist bottle design, featuring transparent glass, subtle concrete accents, and a label made of rough-textured fabric, seamlessly fits into the spirit of modern times. The Like a Therapy diffuser becomes not only a source of delightful fragrances but also a genuine ornament for any room.

What sets Like a Therapy fragrances apart is the fact that their perfume formulas are enriched with natural oils and essences, providing not only beautiful scents but also a safe and healthy environment.

Equally important, it's worth noting that this is a local brand.

By supporting Like a Therapy, you're also supporting the local community, making your contribution to the community to which you belong.

 Written by: ANASTASIA Privalova for Like a therapy Fragrance 

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